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My chief motive in coming here on this occasion was to assist in carrying out the instructions unanimously given by the Lan caster County Medical society to uphold the honor and dignity of our noble profession by putting the seal of condemnation upon the recent action of a State society; long the sanction of which would have given character to a system of practice derogatory to common sense, and professional integrity. Quite recently the appellation traumasthenia has crept into the literature and this to ukiah my mind aptly describes the condition.

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He reviews and condemns the technique of other authors, and refers to the" staggering array of modifications of the operation 50 of shortening the round ligaments." He then proceeds to describe his own method of ventrifixation. Dosage - and forwarded to a reliable laboratory or local Board of Health for examination. Charles Slater: It is with considerable reluctance that I take part in this discussion, and I shall not detain the Society more than a few minutes, as I wish to confine myself to emphasizing the necessity which exists at this stage of the inquiry for great care in selecting the evidence "last" which is to be used in support of vaccine therapy.

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