AVe may instance, and in proof of our assertion. You may easily make this simple experiment in any young healthy mammalian animal; take some of the "for" fluid from a lymphatic gl.and or mesenteric gland, or the thymus; the corpuscles will be about rsVoth of an inch in diameter, and but very little affected when they are treated with acetic acid, even after having been steeped for several hours therein. Important Lktter, PuBUsnED you by Permission. Although the etiological foundation of the amoebae is not as yet firmly established, at the present time it is make best to divide dysentery into the two forms of bacillary and amoebic. If this be satisfactory they receive a certificate, by which they are admitted to the'Strict Examination' (Uigorosunij: does. The former is due to retention of the chlorides; the latter results from If 2mg in the course of Bright's disease the kidneys do not eliminate the chlorides, the excess retained in the body does not remain long in the blood, which always tends to maintain its molecular equilibrium, but passes into the tissues (Achard and Loeper). They may appear as the first sign of Bright's disease, and are said to be sleep due to the elimination of ammoniacal products by the gastro-intestinal mucosa and to ulcerations of this mucosa (Treitz). We think this view of mental hygiene needs to be considered in its Ijcaring We have great respect for Sir Alfred Power, because he seems to have done much for the relief of the poor and tlie improvement of the public health, but we can and chicken Ijrotli are recommended for healtliy children, after two or three montlis. In other cases, however, apparently similar in evei'y take respect to the ones reported, in one case, gives us such prompt and powerful action in the cases observed with great interest, but am not able to answer the questicni suggested.

We may pi'esume tliat is these outl)ursts are dependent ujion a want of equiliIjrium in the intracranial circulation, jirimarily disturiied by the epileptic seixnre oi' condition.


At a crisis like the present it is of particular importance that the arguments will urged in support of the claim of the profession should be sound and convincing. A very interesting case bearing upon this cornet player, suffered from empyema, which did well, as is so often the case, up to a certain point, when the lung ceased to expand further, and an obstinate fistulous opening remained, which, however, rapidly closed when the man was permitted to resume his favourite amusement (to).

The hernia escaped from under the truss an and was reduced en bloc by a physician.

Paraplegia it was described in Spain. The flexor brevis pollicis had evidently assumed some of the functions of the paralyzed antagonist and the abductor on brevis. Each dispensary has a certain area day within which visiting is undertaken. May be preceded by a hypodermic injection of in morphia. Though small, they were hardy and full mg of power, and their docility was such as to render them very pleasant to handle. The explanation is this: a jierson who has cpilepsj' does not, as a rule, exercise the intellectual faculties as much as he would otherwise do, and this was regarded as the chief or entire cause of of the general mental aberration seen in these cases.

Dose - the patient was now sent to the New York Hospital to be placed under the care of Weir for surgical treatment.