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Cycle - clinically, these lesions were readily distinguishable from cutaneous affections by the fact that the skin was freely movable over them and they were firmly attached to the underlying bone. Potassium iodide upsets many and stomachs, and no drug is economical if it does more harm than good, even if it is cheap. Occasional misroscopic section was made at different of intervals along with the drawings and cultures. A degree of dyspnoea leading to cyanosis is almost unknown, apart from affect extensive invasion of the sound portions by miliary tubercles.

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Sodium hyposulfite should not be used to remove the iodine, alcohol, although slower, is preferable, as it does not affect the vital stain in any cc), with nasal Mallory's phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin and anihne blue connective tissue stain, and with Delafield's hematoxyhn in conjunction with the ZiehlNeelsen carbolfuchsin stain. The urine is often reduced in amount, contains urates in abundance, often a slight amount of albumin, and, if ran jaundice is intense, tube-casts.