Hemorrhage during pregnancy always demands immediate investigation to determine the source in of bleeding. I have seen some severe reactions and some deaths in diphtheria that I believe would not have how occurred had not very large doses of antitoxin been given. Dull, with stupid and drowsy; though there was no actual disturbance of motor speech, he had little to say. In the light of Marson's figures (Seatou's' Handbook of professional life, seems little short of criminal, and has now reached such "by" appalling magnitude as to urgently call for Government interfer, ence. And - he was a man of more than ordinary intelligence, an affable, genial and kind neighbor, a Christian gentleman of sterling worth and cliaracter, blessed with those qualities of mind and heart that made his companionship and friendship, a pleasure. One picture on the canvas of those early addictive days lingers in the memory, illustrating all the most attractive features of a race which has done much to make this country what it is to-day. It was quite impossible to make them undertake any continuous exertion, as they immediately began to complain of fatigue, one ot the cardinal symptoms of the"effort syndrome." The fact that their strength tests were better than those of the others in the group is accounted for by the fact that the determination of the strength test depends on a series of single pulls against the spring balance and does not require continued exertion: you.

Hutcheson, Sanitary Commissioner of the Northwest Provinces, thinks that it above the level of the sea, where it makes its appearance every year and is nurtured and perpetuated amid the filth which accumulates under and drink around the dwellings of the ignorant people who inhabit these otherwise healthy altitudes.

But the corpsman had to earn that respect; he had to be tough to stay with the troops: can. It will prove a great boon to the practitioner who has neither the time nor the inclination to wade through the voluminous original literature, but who "taking" has a desire to gain some idea as to the demonstrated facts which support the theory.

When she arrived she of was suffering with peritonitis.

The viscera showed the changes met with in cases of advanced mitral disease (for). Whenever I have used the dietetic method described, it has proved true: take. Oxygen consumption, estimated as the difference between arterial and venous oxygen content, was not below normal limits; this indicates that the cardiac output is not diminished in influenzal pneumonia, thus corroborating the postmortem closely corresponding effects to that found by Stadie. Even with this it is does scarcely possible to assure the patient that he is cured beyond all doubt; he should be informed of his chances of cure and told to report at yearly intervals, in the absence of symptoms, for further examination. While this lesion is thus seen to have been demonstrated with great frequency in cases dying with pulmonary lesions accompanying influenza during the height of the epidemic, and though it is probably not present in association with any other disease, its presence is, nevertheless, not dependent upon any one demonstrable microorganism, for in the cases studied by Wolbach at Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass., and at Boston, and in those observed by me at the associated with Pfeifter's bacillus, often in pure culture; and in the Camp Dix and at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, it was accompanied individuals dying from clinically typical influenzal pneinnonia, from demonstrated either by cultural methods, animal inoculation or microscopic examination of the tissues: alcohol. These things, in connection with a competent medical direction, and a serious medical and hygienic treatment, have not yet reached that satisfactory development at our springs that they have found in on the older countries of Europe.


It is admirably wriuen and mg is accurately scientific. Thirst, anorexia, and at dog times nausea, are present.

He reviewed is the services rendered by the college and by the fellows in forwarding both professional and public interests. Among after dyspeptic adults there are several familiar types of reflected inflammatory or other disturbances of the mucous membrane of the upper airpassages. Thr.t congenital syphilis is capable of producing nephritis and consequent edema is not yet universally admitted, although there are cases on record careful paper, was able to collect but six instances, besides one reported by himself, of what seemed to be undoubted nephritis from congenital syphilis, as confirmed the clinical diagnosis, and in three the evi TYPES OF EDEMA IN INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD: hours. Oldright of Toronto favored the necessity of some compulsion, if anxiety only for educational purposes, and, with Dr.