Tion in District your Court of Lincoln County,) leged malpractice of defendant in the care) loss of services and expenses by reason of al-) leged malpractice of defendant in caring for) Rosie Kruger, the wife of Gustave Kruger,) (c) Gustave Kruger as Administrator of Estate) account of alleged wrongful death of Rosie) Kruger caused by alleged negligence of de-) fendant in the care of Rosie in chirdbirth:) All pleadings were- served and case was on for trial at Ivanhoe, Minnesota (each suit); we appeared in Court and the cases were dismissed.

They hare a qaadrilateral shape: their external surface is convex, and presents, at its middle part, an eminence called the Parietal or cerebral surface, which is concare, has a depression that corresponds with the preceding superior edge of these bones, is a foramen, which does not always exist, called the Parietal foramen, Fora'men parieta'U, through which passes piu-ietal bone is articulated above, with its fellow; btlowy with the temporal bone; before, with the frontal; behind, with alcohol the occipital, and by the anterior and inferior angle with the great ala of the sphenoid.

What to do.-Let "withdrawal" him stop; turn his head towards the wind; loosen remove the collar or breast plate and girth; and a small stab of the knife circulation.

Mg - they are employed to occupy There are difficulties enough in the pathway of the ordinary pharmacist, but they are nothing compared with those which he who makes a specialty of homeopathy must encounter if the operations described in a recent number of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal are very frequent:"The following description of the initial steps in the securing and preparing of the'mother tincture of crotalus horridus' receives the sanction of two homoeopathic medical journals.


It has been regarded together as balsamic and sudorific. The patient may be can and generally is in good general physical condition. It was formerly supposed that the weapon, in injuries of this character, pushed aside the intestines and passed through the cavity without wounding them; but since we have become familiar with the rapidity with which the surfaces of the serous membranes may contract adhesions to each other, and the extent to which false membranes are oflen formed within their cavities, the subject has been much better understood," for we now know," says John Bfxl," that in a tlirust across the abdomen, six turns of intestine may be wounded, each wound may adhere; adhesion, we know, is begun in a few hours and perfected in a few days; and when it is perfect, all danger of inflammation is over; and when tlie danger of inflammation is over, the patient may walk about." The cure is effected by the agglutination of the corresponding edges of the different wounds in the intestines and the peritonaeum, and not by a speedy closure of the openings; for what a passage from one viscus to another may still exist after all communication with the cavity of the peritoneum is in this manner foreclosed.

Nor are their efforts directed merely at the fringes of things: drug. I believe the Balfour method is a good one and gets rid of the indurated mass (is). It is possible that slowly increasing tumor does receptor not cause epileptic attacks.

The Military Hospitals Commission has done a vast amount of good work up to the present effects time, and is likely to do much more in the future, perhaps for years to come. It is better that they have some play: use. The retail trade favors these vom gums on account of the attractive manner in which they are put up. Ambergarten - the new odors,"Gardenia" and"Sweet Scented Shrub," are excellent perfumes and good sellers, and with an taking advantage of this offer. When bred on the farm, the flesh retains much of the game flavor of take the wild birds.

Eleven weeks later another small tumor appeared beneath the skin upon the inner side of the same arm, just di above the elbow. All animals developed with Kerm-layers long Meteorisation (F.). It is consequently the seat of the principal functions for the nutrition of the individual and the propagation does of the species.

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