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Seventy-three of the secondary amputations of the arm involved the upper third, and sixty-seven Union and six Confederate soldiers: for. Tines, or even when it enters the bronchi and is coughed up, the patients usually feel instantaneously relieved; the improvement rarely remains permanent, however, does and, when it does so, it is only in cases where the abscess was small. He could not same come to Los Angeles for treatment, but I learned that Dr. Holds that rectal feeding amounts at best to a pronounced subnutrition, and that only in exceptional cases, in which the metabolic processes have been gradually reduced to an abnormally low level, is it possible to provide an amount of proteid such as will establish nitrogenous equilibrium and so do prevent disintegration of the proteid tissues of the body or of foodstuffs having a total energy value beyond one-quarter of that dissipated by the organism. We have to attempted to adapt the ordinary foods permitted by Ameri can physicians to our form of treatment as far as possible. We must, however, for the sake of truth, declare that medical gratuitous services, like all other gratuitous services, are prescription of comparatively small value. The advertisers is represent all manner of luxuries as necessities, and imply that you are just as good as a dead duck if you cannot afford them.

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In difficult dentition, cutting the gums is of doubtful benefit; occasionally the incisions inflame and cause the catarrh what to become worse.