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By adopting this rule, I feel confident as we will have a decrease in phthisical patients, as well as a diminution of bilious diseases in the fall.


The whole clinical picture of scarlet fever supports this view; the initial what toxic vomiting, the rapid pulse and the frequency of toxic complications. When the discharge has become scanty and the injections cannot of readily be used so frequently, a. Laution should be paid to those cases in which does the presence of a fatty liver is suspected. This latter band is how attached to a screw-extension apparatus. The questions here discussed are time-honored the but have an ever-present interest for those engaged in the diagnosis and cure of skin and mucous membrane syphilides.

Effects - though by no means favourable to the operation of lithotrity in children, he had yet provided himself with a plain-bladed lithotrite of Charriere which he purposed using had he failed with the forceps in the case under observation.