On the other hand, in gastric myasthenia the muscle became less and less resistant to tension or it showed a greater degree irritability of distension under the same pressure. It was, of long course, recognized that all were not equally susceptible, but there was no method whereby the susceptible could be separated from those who were not liable to acquire the disease. But these things, essential and indispensable as they are, do not constitute all pakistan of the practice of medicine. He believed that it was to the pathological physiology of the cells of the heart that they last should direct their attention. Removal was successful, the patient continued well for does seven years and had two children.

The facts that he would present would surprise many who heard them for the iirst time (efecto).

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All over the cardiac end of the stomach the mucous membraua was mg hyperaemic, but there was no ulceration.

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It was exceedingly important to remember the influenzal tablet type of fever since the wide range of temperature might suggest mastoid involvement or the presence of sinus thrombosis.


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