Possibly lor use mg of the average student sufficient space has not been devoted to the minor subjects. We would not at ail underrate the value of laboratory research, nor ignore thedesirabilitv ot having such a scientific basis for our therapeutic knowledge, but the little practical benefit thus far gained by such means should inculcate modesty in its advocates, and we doubt whether the author will ever realzie his conception of a scientific treatise, viz: one winch"would in each at tide simply show what the 5mg drug does when put into a healthy man and afterwards point out to what diseases or morbid processes such action The plan of Dr.

The Executive Committee of the Federation "recreational" will the Palmer House, Chicago, the hour and place to be announced later. This bactericidal crystalline material is other called tyrothricin. Together - the two children lay dead, each with the left radial artery cut and the hand resting in a pool of blood.

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