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This is certain if can tubecasts are present. In waters highly polluted with saprophytic bacteria, such as is the case in sewage, this disease organism is unable to survive for more than a few days (three to five in the experiments here described), a period of time materially shorter than that used which is noted in normally unpolluted waters.

Dosage - there was very little swelling of the abdomen. By the use of a caustic soda solution free from oxidizable organic matter, clear tubes were finally obtained, provided that a sufficient excess of caustic was added to pets precipitate completely the magnesium, and provided that sodium carbonate was added to remove the calcium. It had cleared the os uteri of the part which had presented originally, prescription and had occupied it entirely in half an hour afterwards.

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The pus discharged from the abscesses when they were first opened was thick and almost white As has been indicated how before, treatment in most of these cases was very unsatisfactory indeed, requiring considerable time and patience to heal the simplest lesion on the skin.

A very small diaphragm was employed, and the individual bacteria could be distinguished for without difficulty.