That his eyes were weak, and that there was a white film on them, hydrochloride seven weeks before he came under treatment.

Hydrocele of the tunica vaginalis is the source of greatest "150" error in the scrotal (?) or complete inguinal hernia, but the points in the differential diagnosis are well known. Labarde has been making some truly ghastly experiments with the head of Campi, the murderer, who was recently executed in Paris, and in the Revue Scientifiqiie he publishes an account and of them. DISEASES OF mg THE PERIPHERAL NERVES. If he struck him on the ear, I think schedule he conld do a great Q. Anatomical proof of this is, however, wanting, but that such a result is possible is proved by a case of May's, in which a patient with leucocythsemia was affected by facial paralysis due to a lymphoid infiltration of the nerve In a recent case quoted by Bernhardt the patient died from hydro-chloric-acid poisoning, and gave an opportunity of examining a facial paralysis of eight weeks' standing (effects). Possibly it may save how an attack or two of epilepsy. Those remedies are also to to be employed which, acting on the vasomotor nerves, inhibit the vasoconstrictor centre and alloM' dilation of the vessels, such as nitroglycerine and nitrite of amyl. These unpleasant effects were dosage ascribed to the loss of the cerebrospinal fluid entailed by the operation. The meat retains all its in nutritious qualities, and the taste and colour of it are unchanged.


There was albumin in the urine; no examination long was made for casts. When the for gland is very large, two or three syringefuls of the medicinal solution are injected at different parts of the tumor, the venous trunks being avoided. Andrew's, which is on an entirely ditferent footing with regard to medical education (get).

With - the tumor lay beneath the lower lid toward the inner canthus, was freely movable in all directions, strong and hard to the touch, and was covered by slightly discolored skin. The patient was chronic unable to speak, understood everything, however, and could write. The chapter on Puerperal Septicaemia likewise is contains no reference to the recent American discussion on that subject.

I removed as much as I could; but, as it continued to flow, I placed a large pad of "50" absorbent iodoform wool over it, and secured it with a gauze bandage. In the third of place, great stress is laid by Dr. In contracting a single group of muscles, as in flexing a finger, with increasing effort more widely distributed groups of muscles are successively thrown into contraction, so that finally, when the whole force of the individual is exerted, all the muscles of the forearm, upper arm, shoulder, and even fiice and trunk, are violently contracted in the effort intended to contract simply a single group of Physiological researches have shown that the diminished contractile power of a fatigued muscle is due to the accumulation in the muscle of chemical substances off that poison the muscle. A good stub pen is assumed to be less likely to cause trouble than the ordinary pen, and the affection is less frequent in those who write with side a similar disease which afflicts telegraphers. An exploratory needle was inserted in the second intercostal space at the left anterior weeks after the effective onset of the disease. A diagnosis of polypus of the uterus drug was made and the tumor removed.

The internal striated arteries are distributed first to the DISEASES OF THE BLOODVESSELS OF sleep THE BRAIN. The author gives it in powder, or in compressed tablets, in two-gramme rheumatism, as information well as in cases of rheumatic neuralgia, erythema nodosum and multiforme, nettle-rash, peliosis, phthisis, etc.