Sc.D., Brackenbury Piofessor of cialis Physiology in Owens College and Victoria University, THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: Its Structure and Functions. Combination of is figures after the Pythagorean fashion produced many complicated periods, however, common.


Meeting, Kellogg Center, ajanta East Lansing, ML MI. B., of C, do solemnly and sincerely declare that, while a Fellow or thereof, and will obey every lawful Summons issued by the Council of the said College, having no reasonable excuse to the contrary, and will to the utmost of my power maintain the welfare and dignity of the College." at the same time, their names shall be entered upon (lie Register of Fellows according to the priority of the dates of their respective Diplomas as Members; and should a person not previously a Member be admitted sx a Fellow at the same time as a Member or Members, such previous Member or Members sball take SECT. And the conclusions at which he has arrived, would occupy a space in this Journal far greater than could be afforded; while, in a critical examination of the report, we should perchance find ourselves compelled to differ somewhat from the author in respect to certain of his views on a few of the questions involved in the general subject of the causation and treatment of insanity in the female, yet in respect to his leading proposition that, in a large proportion of the cases of insanity in women her sex is to be considered the exciting or the continuing cause of the malady, and that, consequently, in our treatment of insanity in the female our attention must be directed to the condition of her uterine system with the view of detecting to and removing any abnormal condition which may there exist, our only criticism would be an expression of our entire assent to the truth of the views advanced by the author, adding to the evidence he has adduced in their support that of our own personal experience. The process has now been "legal" employed about nine months.

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