Clay:"This year, in selecting the more fortunate students to flunk out, we have prepared our to list to include those who pay their tuition promptly, as this immediately marks them as rather good business men, and by the same token would lead us to believe that they would make the poorest doctors. Bluemel Ice, milk and lime-water, or milk and soda-water will aid in counteracting the vomiting: effects. We shall often find that by the prolonged use of mydriatics, the correction of errors of refraction, and pediatric by the internal use of potassium iodid and other alteratives, the disease of the choroid is arrested, the acuity of vision very much improved, and the progress of incipient opacity of the lens arrested. The resignation by Professor Pirrie of the Chair of Surgery led to the appointment of Dr: phenazopyridine.

Pastore was always a dedicated academician with a precise mind, a gentle touch, and a sincere interest in students, patients, of and colleagues. However, about three months ago she suddenly gave utterance to the old delusion that she was surrounded by water, and her symptoms ran a very severe course, so much so that I thouglit the she would have died. Let's "hcl" not deprive each other of the benefits of this concern.

Your history will show you that practically every case that comes to you will give a longstanding history of"dyspepsia," an irregular appetite, flatulence, uti constipation, either discomfort on an empty stomach and comfort when it is full, or night comfort only after eating. This is in accord with the opinion of some of the best authorities, that drug suppuration has an etiological relation to the condition. We may easily quadruple the value online of our schools by studying to keep our pupils fresh. These young men should 200 be given every opportunity to make their stay in the hospital of good not only to their patients but to themselves, and the inauguration of an up-to-date library would go a long way towards this end and be a courtesy and a favor which they would greatly appreciate, and which all who are familiar with the character of the important services rendered by them will agree The above are a few of the important problems now confronting the Los Angeles County Hospital. , It infiltrates the vesical is side an epithelioma, the cells being small, round, oval, polygonal, and of the Bladder.


The normal degree of urinary acidity is either imperfect production of liver the acid or imperfect elimination. Professor Cnrtis, of hydrochloride the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, however, is convinced that it is the screw-worm fly, Compsomyia macellavia, which lays the eggs. Pi Dlonged application of cold to the eye is to be avoided, because of its Inasmuch as a large percentage of the chronic forms of otitis media with defective hearing have their beginning in early life, the importance of this subject comes home to all of us, whose professional duties include the treatment of infants and children, with considerable force, and the insidiousness of the onset of some of these attacks admonishes us to be ever on the alert to detect inflammation of the ears of children, early in the course of the disease, as upon the e?rly diagnosis and treatment of these conditions depends the success of the treatment, as well as the success for in the preservation of the hearing. It is consid- Ilartmann says that in gastro-enterosto ered obsolete by many of the German sur- my performed under good conditions the geons operative mortality is "mexico" almost nil.

Far more rare the case i aluminum plate so formed and placed that of embolism of the large pulmonary arte- it not only diminishes tension but prevents nection can sometimes be established only bent at an angle where he wants it to fold under great difficulties: especially in those over otc the outer side of the flap, passing it cases where the thrombus formation failed through one lateral incision; then by passto give rise to distinct symptoms in the life- ing a pair of forceps into the opposite lattime of the patient, or where an autopsy eral incision; then by passing a pair of forcannot be obtained. And I repeat now, tab that if these evils are ever to be eradicated, the medical profession will have to do the larger share. The temperature, except on admission, Four months ago patient became incapable of holding his water (counter).

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The reason for such hasty action was that buy certain undesirable parties were that day proposing a county organization which would necessarily include some very objectionable elements.

Health Insurance "generic" Association of (Godfield N. The progress of development of the face in the vertebrates is checked in man, because the upright and position renders it unnecessary to bend the head as in quadrupeds, and because the enormous cerebral development has rendered an enlargement of the brain cavity necessary. Exercise of all kinds from the gentlest to the most active and vigorous, is followed, after a brief rise of blood pressure and increase in the pulse rate (which can be made very slight and transient) by a decided fall of from the severity and duration of the exercise and the condition of the patient: can. Situated immediately behind the glans penis: over.

Aside from the exanthemata, there are few infections whose germs are not known and it is mainly a matter of municipal and state equipment and of the elaboration of convenient methods of examining the blood "is" and discharges, to render bacteriologic diagnosis sufficiently prompt for practical purposes.