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Brow-ague is another disease allied to an intermittent fever, and produced by malarious influences also; it consists chiefly in an intense pain confined to one side take of the head, lasting for several hours and gradually passing off; it comes on in paroxysms with varying intervals, and is chiefly met with in sensitive and nervous people, and more especially if they have experienced any mental trouble previously. Does - a few days later erysipelas developed around the wound, and spread rapidly under tlie iodine treatment alone. Ge que p Mayence ou "for" au roi Jacques d'EcQsse, le spirituel Du Perron lui reliisa toujours son brevet. Shortly after the application to the throat the child had a paroxysm of que coughing, followed by a profuse expectoration of something, which was swallowed (probably the false membrane, as there was immediate relief to the breathing). Were all operations done under local anesthesia actually painless, we should be inclined to accord to the method a "quora" far wider field of usefulness; that such is not the case, any one accustomed to their use will admit. Treatment of Slight Injuries of the Eye This The it Duty of the Physician to His Patients in employment of skilled oculists instead of mere opticians. When lying down there was pulsation of the vessels of the neck up to the lobe of the ear; when he stood erect, only halfway up, a harsh, short diastolic effect murmur, most marked over the sternum, developed. Cusso, or Kousso, are the flowers of a plant growing in Abyssinia, where 200 they are largely used as a remedy for the tape-worm so prevalent there.