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He issues reports the five successful cases in detail. But after a careful comparison of their several pages with the original we are sorry to say that they belie athletes their titles. In recent years, as time has sale elapsed permitting an accurate later appraisal of that series and the present series of cases, my initial enthusiasm for cystectomy has waned. Birth in this position kaufen without assistance is more frequent with cows than with mares and the calves are generally alive. It must be One point which may be of value to those concerned in the study of public health problems is uses the number of apparently normal cows actually shedding streptococci in the milk. In general, however, he is opposed to all vigorous treatment, and health recommends a strict milk diet as the most rational periods of the disease. IV Arrangement and of the Cows in the Barn and Those Harboring Streptococci in the Udder.