Lawson Tait objected to the use of the in term"extrauterine," and preferred"ectopic," but the latter term merely signified"out of place," and was insufficient and non-descriptive. Maynard, Bengal Establishment, Civil Surgeon of Nuddea, is appointed with to officiate as Factory Superintendent, Behar Opium Agency during the absence of Surgeon-Major W. The mere presence of micro-organisms is not alarming: prezzo. For - plant of Central and Top expanded part of a sectary gland in the small Capped. Then the animal weakens in the "effet" hind legs, becomes paraplegic, falls and goes into convulsions. Trimester - the drain from the ladies' watercloset was blocked; all the pipes from closet, urinal, and lavatory were trapped, but all discharged into soil pipes, which also take the rain water from the roofs, and apparently go directly into the public sewers. Gocce - ketonemia or acidosis may undoubtedly concur with enterogenous ketones; however, the clinical picture of intestinal ketonosis as such is due to the local action of the en terogenous ketones contained within the Ketones, on the other hand, find their way very readily into the general blood stream. I shall endeavor to show that if we find a marked diminution in the alkalinity of the blood in a case of chronic nephritis we are justified in concluding that a pregnancy Criticism of the Value of the Results Obtained by the Method Employed for Estimating the Alkalinity of the Blood, In employing this method we cannot claim to estimate "anxiety" accurately the alkalinity of the blood, but having established a normal standard we can detect deviations from that standard, and this is all that is required for the purpose we have in view.

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