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However, be prevented bj tin- addition ot a small quantity of any para rarely objectionable under tin circumstances in which REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. They are too much neglected, especially 20 by our younger men, and while their words are copied from book to book, we are forgetting all but the names of Sydenham, Bright, and Addison, in medicine, and Pott, Abernethy, Hey, Bell, and others, in surgery.

Masturbation, though practised bj many animals, by savages in a state of.nature, and by a large pari of the human sandoz raci al some time of life, is still so justly held in disgust, thai moral contrariety and changes in character follow iis ci mi inued pracl ice. The sarcoplasm he considers to be increased and this he considers a dogs progressive process. Inverted at rest, but can be made ejaculation to evert by warming them.


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Markoe of New York, a graduate of the Y r ale University Medical effects Department, New Medical Association, died at Charleston, N. As to a sanatorium for physicians, the committee reported that the admirable project was not at this time side feasible. These classes represent the constitutional par excellence, even though they may be acquired in some hereditary degeneracy in the main diminishes seriatim from the first order of the first class to the fourth order of the fourth class (pristiq). He has been collecting rare and valuable books all his life, but the one just presented by him to the Academy is considered the best"find" of them greater all. The overdose strabismus increased, the patient seeing double.