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The Urokinase-Pulmonary Embolism Trial is designed to quantitate the morbidity and mortality of patients with pulmonary embolism and to compare the resolution rate of these emboli in patients treated with urokinase infusion followed by parenteral heparin as compared with the conventional therapy, heparin alone: nebuliser. He was, it is believed, the first to introduce this operation for the relief of the special hypochondriacal and cerebral symptoms often met with in this country and rebellious to all other treatment, and with the success that has followed it in his hands its employment is a notable advance in therapeutics: sulfate.

Jacquet adds that the new methods of treatment, radiotherapy and phototherapy, are excellent, and often give marvelous results, but on this account the older methods A Weekly Journal of Medicine hfa and Surgery RESULTS OF FIFTEEN HUNDRED OPERATIONS FOR THE RADICAL CURE OF HERNIA IN CHILDREN, PERFORMED AT THE HOSPITAL ATTENDING SURGEON TO HOSPITAL POR RUPTURED AND CRIPPLED.


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The life of animals in and plants, and of man himself in the tropics, is regulated very largely by the rainfall. Oysters from a polluted locality clear themselves much more slowly, even if kept nebulizer in clean water, and much more slowly still if kept out of water.