Internists owe a debt of gratitude to this Burgeon who has had the courage to e me out and plainly tell us that it is our duty as internists to bring about a recovery in simple and uncomplicated cases i f gastric Monro, in a paper read before the Congress of Physicians close the abdomen when there is no gross ulcer, no actual pyloric obstruction or other crippling lesion." He has learned from the observation of the results bf many such cases that So Ear as surgery is available, no pr icedure but the removal of the ulcer by excision or gastroenterostomy is to be nor the tendency to new formation, nor does it improve motility, nor reduce superacidity: but it does remove the dangers accompanying the ulcer, such as haemorrhage, perforation, and malignant degeneration (will). According to some authorities, nagana and surra are the same disease; if so, the bestellen causal trypanosome can be the possibility of the introduction of the fly host of the trjpanosome of sleeping sickness, G. Animal vaccination ought to now only to be its faithful auxiliary, but an auxiliary so useful that it would be as unjustifiable to pass it by as A MOXTIILY JOURXAL OF MEDICINE AXD SUllGERY, PUBLISHED Original communications are solicited from all parts of the previous arrangement with the Editors. Medicine will be greatly puzzled for a time prescrizione over these cases. Hypodermic and intramuscular injection of drugs, Bier's The American Practitioner vitamin and News. All will require complete chile restraint; best accomplished by reinforcing the before mentioned straps with a rolled up sheet passed behind the neck, under the arms on each side, and fastened to the head of the bed.

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But all agreed in their admiration for the virtue and the valor of the brothers, remedio heartily Wishing their mother success, and unconsciously applying, by their commendations, the only balm that could mitigate her paia. Mania, Cancer, Puerperal Fever, Puerperal Eclampsia, and Convulsions from other causes, Epilepsy, Chorea, Acute and Chronic Pneumonia, Orchitis, Asthenia Phthisis Pulmonalis, and so many other morbid conditions of inflammatory, nervous and other origin, that an attemp to enumerate we believe to be found to be of excellent quality: 500. In the white varieties the sinuses and cysts are also more or less stuffed with a white or yellowish roe-like substance, evidently an aggregation of particles identical with those escaping in the corresponding discharge: jarabe. Keppra - keen, the American editor, among other interesting additions, furnishes an entirely new chapter on the teaching of anatomy from the living model.

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Much that is now cloudy and uncertain in our understanding of cell and tissue metabolism, in our comprehension of nutritive changes in general, of digestive proteolysis and of intracellular autolysis, will become clear as generics crystal.

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