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It was expected that the Bill for the Protection of Young Girls would be introduced in the phenergan House of Lords next week. The Institutes and Practice of Medicine in the Medical College of the State of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Hygiene, and Medical Jurisprudence, in William Gibson, M (facts).

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These conditions have been afforded me in a sufficient number of instances to convince me that the acid has no such effect, but that, if the bowels are irritable, as dosage evidenced by continuous slight looseness, or by repeated attacks of diarrhosa upon very slight provocation, it will excite or aggravate the irritation, even in five-minim doses. Case three was one "dm" of perfect vagina, with absence of the uterus and ovaries, also in a perfectly formed woman, with very small breasts. They can be recom- of carrying his patient through successfully, and mended in the strongest terms to nurses and to save him many words and valuable time in exphysicians, and are well written injection and very hand- plaining to the person in charge just what to do Smrgieal Reporter, little works, and the price is within the reaich of M.D., Senior Surgeon to the Episcopal Hospital; Surgeon to the Out-Department of the Pennsylvania Hospital, etc.

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