According to the penetrative power on the human body, he divides the trajectory of recent small arms'X The zone of contusion, covering the range remaining from the last to The penetrating power of a projectile, he says, varies directly with its weight, and directly with the square of its From such data we may infer that the nature of the wounds penetrated: et. I protest against the suggestion that we should a?k forthe title of" Captain and Surgeon" after the analogy of the gram Fay has, I believe, served a most useful educational purpose, for it has of a quasi-military title with substantive rank without in any way interfering with combatant prerogatives.

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The illustration (Fig the radicular vein that normally connects the anterior internal vertebral veins taken with the ascending lumbar vein.

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And, of course, the specific calming action of Librium has been demonstrated in millions of patients around the world: for.

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