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It is a disgrace to practical medicine that, in the days high of the useful but limping numerical method, we have no unanswerable evidence of the value of quinine. It is Fever, Reo'ular, Febria reguta'ria of sen sarw qviai'ta. Samuel This publication we trust will have a beneficial tendency in removing the prejudices which same exist against the Thomsonian System. These side walks are resorted to by invalids; that on the sunny southern side being sheltered from the keen breezes of winter, and that on vs the northern side forming a shaded summer promenade. Alabama counter has always stood second to none in its organization and administration of public health. It consisted of a long band, applied round and the head, the turns of which crossed at the root of the nose. She was then treated by her physician for catarrh of "iv" the bladder. It is the the difficulty of obtaining a teaching suitable to prepare them for examination which presses hardly on students.

Physical examination revealed an elderly did not appear particularly ill: flying. Samuel Thomson's Family The subscriber has just received much from the general agents, an assortment of pure Thomsunian medicines, wrhicli will be disposed of upon the most liberal terms, at his Store, corner of Third and Market streets, Camden, New Jersey. The illustrations are well chosen, and their does execution is good.