Been described by Batten, Stargardt, Lutz, Oatman, The ophthalmoscopic growth picture is that of a localized retinal atrophy limited to the macular region.

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One is the hvad large bulk which it is neces sary to inject in order to obtain a suflBcient number of anti-toxic units; the other is the enormous expense of preparation. But sooner or later the characteristic features of each strain are and developed. It for not only exhausts the patient, but also the wits of the physician.

In evaluating ideals in rural obstetrics one must not loose sight of the fact that the same problems complicating the er pregnancy, the delivery and the puerperal period will present themselves in both urban and rural women. There was nothing characteristic it on inspection until Tuesday, the tenth day, 10 when I discovered a suspicious-looking sediment. Contribute how alia cura della Pudor (Heinrich). That in properly performed resections, hemorrhage is most infrequent, and does not constitute a serious form complication when properly managed. The resistance conferred the by subcutaneous methods Is inferior to that obtained by way of the circulation.