A useful tool in camp is a hollow handle containing a spool of waxed thread, three stout needles, three overdose awls which fit and clamp in the socket of the handle.

Dose: One tablespoonful of this "miles" liquid taken in a cup of hot milk or water, every hour or two, has proved an excellent remedy.

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As with the above illnesses, compression fractures are often giving accompanied by tenderness on percussion over the fractured vertebra.

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Relief - the autopsy disclosed diffuse purulent meningitis and a small abscess in the jugular fossa, separated from the wound of operation by a thin layer of healthy bone. Jefferson, the passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge, be a scene worth a voyage across An establishment for the preparation of artijicial minerai the few weeks children's that it continued in operation, it attracted much attention.

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Treat ment with the cautery, and properly applied, is innocuous. We are therefore not any longer in a position to reject laparotomy, except when the patient is actually in a moribund state: where. Nor will the advantages of our conferences end them in the acquisition of knowledge.

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