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In the former case, the curve is more prolonged and shows a gradual relaxation, whereas when the peripheral end of the cut nerve is stimulated, the contraction is brief and the relaxation is followed by a distinct rebound afferent impulses is indicated by the fact that, after section of the posterior roots, stimulation of the uncut nerve in the limb will produce the same effect as occurs when the cut nerve is stimulated (metabolism).

Certain putrefactive conditions apparently taper bring about the production of indole, others skatole or indoleacetic acid. Of the specimens examined after twelve hours, the liver cells in one case presented mostly vacuoles, and the nuclei near the vena centralis had absorbed less colouring material (here a Fleming preparation was not at our disposal) (leads). A large amount of plasma fluid is "roche" filtered through the walls of the glomerular vessels. Viz.: by the mouth and stomach; by injection, with one-third salt water, high up in the rectum; by hypodermical injection; or by topical application to any accessible lesion (should). Many of them are believed to have acquired tuberculosis after entering the army by visiting fast tuberculous relatives and through their occupation; as for instance musicians are frequently engaged to play in dance-halls, where the opportunities for infection are unusually good. Lesser, of the Red Cross, who says in his official report of the wounded at Siboney,"Most of the cases of gunshot wounds gave very little trouble to pill the Surgeon. I cannot off learn whether the single curved tenaculum was then in use. Some such are to be found in most large towns, some few even in less populous districts, drug and many ready to migrate from the universities and the great medical schools of the kingdom. " The possibility of disseminating the disease is not to be overlooked, as it is to be more feared perhaps in this than in other forms of 10 tuberculosis." If reasonable assurance can be given of therapeutic benefit by using the X-rays no doubt surgeons will be as willing to refer such patients to the Rontgenologist as they have been to refer patients suffering from malignant diseases, either after operation, or without operation in the surgically hopeless cases. It is very brisk and sparkling when freshly drawn; by no in means unpleasant in flavour.