Mini Cruise from Hull to Rotterdam in Holland

PO ferries Weekend cruiseIf you’re looking for something different to do one weekend then why no treat yourself to one of P&O ferries special mini cruises from Hull to Rotterdam.

Visit Holland’s second largest city and discover why people think that Rotterdam’s skyline can compete with the one of New York.  On a P&O mini cruise you simply sail from Hull on the overnight crossing to Rotterdam, you’ll be able to enjoy all the ship has to offer in restaurants, bars and entertainment. You’ll then awake fresh in the morning in Holland after relaxing nights sleep in one of the en-suite cabins, then it’s it on to explore Rotterdam.

  • A 2 night Cruise from only £72 per person
    • Includes 2 nights in an en suite cabin and a day ashore
    • Add an extra night stay and enjoy Rotterdam for longer.

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The mini cruise includes 2 nights in an en suite cabin and a day ashore to explore Rotterdam.

The port of Rotterdam is no regular port it is the largest in Europe and one of the world’s busiest making the city of Rotterdam a real international metropolis. The impressive skyline can be seen for miles around and Rotterdam is known as a city of great architecture, featuring many innovative buildings, including the famous Cube Houses, Groothandelsgebouw, Kunsthal, Luxor Theatre and the Erasmus Bridge.

If your looking for your short break to be a cultural adventure then Rotterdam is sure to not disappoint, you’ll be surprised by this young and daring city on the Meuse River. Arts and culture are literally all around you, whether you are looking for one of the major exhibitions in the Kunsthal (Rotterdam’s exceptional exhibition building), a stirring concert in De Doelen (one of Rotterdam’s many concert venues), the charming gallery in the Witte de Withstraat or maybe you will be visiting one of Rotterdam’s international events such as the International Film Festival or the North Sea Jazz Festival, your stay in Rotterdam is never going to be boring.

Rotterdam has a wealth of water. After cruising to Rotterdam overnight on your P&O cruise ferry you may think of heading away from the water for a while, but if you love boats then Rotterdam will be a city that excites. The Maas River flows right through the city, crossed by the now-famous Erasmus Bridge (pictured above) which has become the standout feature of the Rotterdam skyline. Countless tiny harbours line the banks of the river, each with its own unique character. You can enjoy a 75 minute round-trip tour of the harbour on one of the spido ships, or try the new Splashtours and discover the city from the inside of a hypermodern amphibious bus.

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