Calling all Travel Bloggers

ebuzzingCalling all travel writers and blogger! If you are currently writing a travel blog and are passionate about your writing, have you heard about the new service ebuzzing that has just launched in the UK. ebuzzing can help you make money from your blog, it is a platform that brings advertisers and bloggers together and lets you the blogger earn money by broadcasting videos and creating content!

Since 2007 ebuzzing has been offering bloggers ways to monetize their blogs and has recently launched in the UK. They are currently recruiting all bloggers, though in particular if your a travel blogger then they would love to hear from you.

Ebuzzing offers two principal formats for you to use for monetization of your blog

  • Video campaigns (dedicated players and banners)
  • Content creation campaigns and creating branded content

Video campaigns with a dedicated playerVideo campaigns using bannersOver 800 well-known brands have already use ebuzzing to converse with bloggers to promote video campaigns, article campaigns, or even cooperative creation of promotional content.

Ebuzzing has so far helped brands such as Coca-Cola, MTV, MasterCard, Toyota, Ubisoft, eBay, Canon, Diesel, Warner Bros, Philips and that list goes on and on. Their first UK involves Radisson Blu Hotels who need your help promoting their Europe-wide competition to win 365 nights worth of hotel stays.

To get an idea of what a campaign may look like take a look at some previous campaigns If you are interested in signing your blog up to ebuzzing, then please register on – the registration process is simple, free, and holds no obligation!

Another bonus benefit of joining eBuzzing is their referral program, for every blogger you recruit, who signs up at and completes at least one campaign (article only) you will receive a certain sum of money. For recruiting a blog with a Page Rank (PR) of 5 – 50 Euro. PR of 4 – 40 Euro. PR of 3 – 30 Euro. PR of 2 – 20 Euro. PR of 1 – 10 Euro. This program is good for up to 5 blogger referrals. This offer is only good in the UK for UK bloggers. So if your involved in writing your own blog, why not register on and see if you can make some from your writing.

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