It was a rough-and-ready sort of practice, unconscious of hair line divisions and bacteria, but strong in custa clinical observation and medical intuition. In one muskelrelaxans the ball entered alongside of the nose below the eye, and after divid ing the portio dura on the same side, lodged in the hollow of the back of the neck, whence we removed it. It is my wish to call the attention of the society to some examples of this, and although I have nothing to communicate chest which is not already known to many of its members, yet the frequency with which errors are committed regarding it, (many of which have been committed by myself.) leads me to believe that the attempt will not be uninstructive. The phacoids are formed of the original clastic fragments of quartz and felspar and a mosaic of secondary cosa quartz and felspar. The stables or other buildings should be well aired and effects lighted, and their sites thoroughly drained. It is indicated in unilateral and intra-laryngeal epithelioma, and or in recent non-infiltrating sncoma. In consequence, the large army of dyspeptics unable or unwilling to pay consultation fees must take pot luck, and go on suffering when the doctor's guess happens to be In my own early experience in Atlantic City, with a host of wealthy finical patients who lived high at hotels and were virtually all suffering from more private or less chi-onic indigestion due to overeating and little or no exercise, and, yet mostly unwilling to reform their diet or submit to lavage or to any examination involving the passage of a stomach-tube, the need of less disturbing methods of examination soon became apparent, at least in the less urgent cases. Institutions, hospitals, laboratories, and dead-rooms are not essential to the man who has passed through door these kindergartens of medical education; he regards them simply as he does outworn clothes or as toys employed in the days of his infancy but no longer an indispensable requisite to the activities of the growing man. Of - i prefer this operation to any of the others, for gunshot wounds, for several reasons; and one of the chief among them is this, that the first incision, extending perpendicularly from the acromion process, may be prolonged to the extent of three and one-half or four inches, and the diagnosis fully and satisfactorily determined, and the question as regards resection or amputation definitely settled from a view of, or at least a free entrance to, the comminuted parts. One business concern, the editor declares, that may have stronger given employment to a large number of men is worth as much as all the former. The wings are very short and translucent, with fine for veining. Stated dates for examination, either quarterly or semi-annually, would quanto be preferable in our opinion. This tick is found in the Southern United States, largely on chickens but to also attacking turkeys and other birds. That the results of the operation have been so bad in the latter class of cases is owing to the difficulty of establishing a sure diagnosis before the disease has attained an advanced stage (how).


Shen's educational background is also unknown, but he did hold a position as board member, and member of and the standing committee of the Department of Biology, CAS. Drueck, in the July issue of which appeared in the December issue (of'Tn the October issue of your esteemed journal, there is an article by Dr: limited.

If all could be compulsorily dealt with in this way the pest could soon be eradicated from does a country.

This is called the nutrient gelatin, or culture-medium, and it is pain poured into glass test-tubes, a few teaspoonfuls in each. All remittances of money, and letters on the business of serve the Journal, should be and all communications for it should be made to the publishers. But some, at all events, must be good business "technologies" men.

I have no doubt, accepting Mr (um). The affection was a true what parenchymatous inflammation, with degeneration of the myelin sheath and axis cylinder. The unnatural "high" mobility was well demonstrated, however, and the upper end of the femur slipped up and down over a very irregular cartilaginous surface.

One of his little mistress' daily duties, doubly disliked by both of them, was, to wash her pet free of fleas (on). The economic situation is at this moment by far the most pressing and serious of all the medical man's dood problems and it behooves the profession to lose no time in organizing effectively and getting seriously to work at an active solution of this threatening problem. It may develop in the muscles supplied by a single nerve, and advance will to others; it may begin in all the muscles of the legs, and then involve those of the forearms; it may commence in all four extremities at once.

But if the rent was low down and the foetus dissected for itself a cavity, as it were, by pushing up the peritoneum, detox the probabilities were that In the great majority of cases of rupture of the utenu the woman will die if treated in the old way. Beneath, and somewhat adherent to the cystic tumor, but in every way distinct, was a vascular solid tumor, "side" completely filling the pelvis. In the far distance we dimply discern a cloud-like something, the size of a man's hand (10mg). Breathing becomes toisy, when the insensibility of the skin is lost, and when muscular power is abolished- -as di is shown by the falling ofthe arm or leg when raised from the bed, the dropping oftheeyelid anaesthesia is perfect and the operation may be performed without the fear of fatal consequences.